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Dublin Bottling Works no longer provides factory tours of the antique bottling facility or museum. Old Docs Soda shop is also closed indefinitely. We do however produce 18 amazing CraftSoda flavors always made with Pure Cane Sugar. Our retail store is open Monday- Friday 9AM-4PM where you can purchase our sodas and merchandise. Thank you for your continued support of Dublin Bottling Works.

Why is Dr Pepper no longer bottled in Dublin?

Dublin Bottling Works and Dr Pepper Snapple Group reached an agreement in January 2012 that transferred the bottling and distribution rights for Dr Pepper products to Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Dublin Bottling Works no longer bottles Dr Pepper products, but you can still enjoy many other delicious Dublin Bottling Works sodas at the retail store in Dublin.

What is the difference between Dublin’s W.P. Kloster Museum and the Waco Dr Pepper Museum?

The W.P. Kloster Museum focuses on its own unique history. Most of the huge collection of memorabilia in the Kloster Museum was collected by W.P. Kloster, who loved and collected all things classic soda, including a special affinity for Dr Pepper. The collection contains many rare pieces and is one of the largest in the world. The W.P. Kloster Museum is currently closed.

The Waco Dr Pepper Museum pays homage to the creation of Dr Pepper at the Old Corner Drug Store, the growth of the soft drink industry, and the Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company, which was located in what is now the museum.