Our History

Mission Statement:

Preserve the legacy and rich history of Dublin Bottling Works and craft soda.

The history of Dublin Bottling Works begins in 1891.

While visiting Waco, a Texas businessman by the name of Sam Houston Prim tasted a fountain drink and knew he wanted to sell it through his new Dublin Bottling Works company. An agreement was made and Dublin became home to the first facility to actually bottle Dr Pepper as well as the first bottling plant in Texas!

Over the years, Dublin Bottling Works has became known for the Kloster family’s commitment to friendly service and quality products, including the distinctive taste of what came to be called “Dublin Dr Pepper” and a host of other fantastic sodas, all made with pure cane sugar. Although Dublin Bottling Works no longer produces Dr Pepper, we maintain a special relationship and legacy that’s rooted in the life and work ethic of W.P. Kloster.

No, it wasn’t the textbook way of doing things.

But it was Bill Kloster’s way.

At Mr. Prim’s death the plant was left to his only child, Grace Elizabeth Prim Lyon. As a woman, she was expected to sell the company; female business owners were few and far in between in 1946. Grace ran the company with an iron fist and successfully owned and managed Dublin Bottling Works until her passing in 1991. Grace ran the plant during a very important time of our history. In 1975, many soda industries switched their sweetener from sugar to corn syrup because of the high prices of sugar. Grace along with her general manager Bill Kloster made the decision to stay with sugar even though it made the cost higher. They believed if they were loyal to the product that our customers would in return be loyal to us. Obviously it was a wise decision because our choice of sweeteners is one of the things that have made us so special. Grace ran the plant until she passed away on the morning of our 100th anniversary. Having no children, she left the plant to her general manager and longest working employee Bill Kloster.

William “Bill” P. Kloster started working here in 1932 at the age of 14. He worked his way up from bottle washer to owner of the plant. The only time Bill ever left the plant was for 22-months while he served his time in Germany with a tank destroyer unit. This picture is of him sharing a Dublin soda (that Grace had sent) with a Russian solider. As the owner, Bill continued to emphasize those same values he had learned as a young man. He held on to the original drink formula, the antiquated bottling equipment, and a massive assortment of Dr Pepper collectibles, which became his passion. Through the years, he used those elements to develop a successful enterprise and a popular tourist attraction. And most important, he built a fiercely loyal following around the world. The media were drawn to him like bees to honey and dubbed him “Mr. Dr Pepper.”

Bill Kloster was a man of conviction. The tiny, independent Dublin Bottling Works still produces pure cane sugar sodas just like the company’s founders did more than 120 years ago. Bill wasn’t afraid of bucking marketing trends because he believed in the unique quality of his product.

132 Years and Counting

Keeping it Going

Today, the team at Dublin Bottling Works takes pride in using high quality ingredients like pure cane sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup in all our Dublin CraftSodas. The pure cane sugar gives our flavors a clean, sweet distinct and nostalgic taste like no other soft drink.  Since 1891, we have been the original CraftSoda business and “Keepers of the Sweet”. Come make a stop in Dublin, Texas and visit our small retail office for a cold 12oz Dublin glass bottle, cap, t-shirt, case or even a pallet……We would love to share a smile and a cold Dublin soda with you